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Aluservice is a national Consortium offering services which aim at making the most of entrepreneurial activities in the sector of doors and windows aluminium accessories and fittings and it gathers artisan and small-industry realities. The main purpose of Aluservice is to contribute to the qualitative development of artisan and small-industry production of doors and windows fittings by providing technical and promotional services supporting enterprise qualification policy. Every year Aluservice works out a programme of activities aiming at a concrete and specific intervention in the most important subjects according to the enterprises themselves. These activities and projects can be ideally divided into four main intervention areas.

1) Aluservice technical area is a reference point for the partner enterprises and it is represented by the Test Laboratory, which is an independent institution always in the vanguard in the 'technical seals' sector. It is the real 'beating heart' of the consortium.
The Laboratory, notified to the European Commission with n1709 (qualification of the Department of Economic Development) within EC certification according to 89/106/CE Directive in its capacity as a test institution, is SINAL accredited and it is a Uni member - National Standards Institute.
From the practical point of view, the Laboratory is able to test external fittings (always according to the regulations) by carrying out tests about air permeability, water tightness, wind load resistance, mechanical strength, operational safety, heat transmission rates, burglar-resistance, acoustics of the fitting, and always issuing a test report about the product that has been checked.
The Laboratory has also been equipped with a double reverberation room, constructed in accordance with the most modern building techniques, in order to offer its customers the opportunity to test their products and, more generally, in order to supply a full service regarding evaluation and measuring of the fitting soundproofing.
Moreover the Laboratory provides the fittings manufacturers with a full service in the matter of heat transmission, in order to support them in the obligation to put on the market external fittings complying with the minimum compulsory heat transmission rates.
All this, according to the climatic area the product has been made for and to more restrictive rates set by the regulations in force.
LegnoLegno technological Laboratory, thanks to its experience, is able to cooperate with the manufacturers on choosing tools, drip courses, seals and accessories with the same professionalism and independence as a third institution. Moreover, thanks to the acquired knowledge, it is able to help manufacturers construct 'customised' systems, accessories or sections. The Test Laboratory offers, as well as Research and Development, advice for the installation of qualitative control systems in the production processes.

2) The publishing area, as well as offering a complete and heterogeneous catalogue of technical handbooks about the most interesting subjects for producers, regularly publishes Alumagazine, a quarterly magazine dealing with the most important topics in the sector.


3) The company training is carried out by the Centro Formazione Impresa (Company Training Centre), which promotes refresher and professional development training activities for companies and operators.

4) The business area deals with the most important events of the sector, promoting the participation of the companies in them.

On the consortium website,, you can get detailed information about all the initiatives in the sector, thanks to a constant updating of the related news.

You can contact Aluservice:

writing to: Via Pio La Torre 11 – 42015 Correggio (Reggio Emilia) Italy

calling: +39 0522/732811  (secretary) - + 39 0522733002 (Deborah Muscaritolo)

by fax: +39 0522732836

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